The difference between Closed System and Open System Vape

The difference between Closed System and Open System Vape - Indonesia Dream Juice

As time goes by, the variety of vapes becomes more varied. One of the developments is the display of closed and open vape systems. So, what is the difference between closed system and open system vape?

The innovations provided by vape companies aim to meet the needs of users. The following are the differences between a closed system and an open system on a vape that you need to know.

The difference between Closed System and Open System Vape

According to the Chair of Organized Vape Consumers or commonly known as KONVO, namely Hokkop Situngkir, he explained that there are differences between the close system and the open system in vapes.

The clear difference between the two can be seen from the charging system. The charging or refill system is the biggest difference you can see. Below, you will find out how the closed system and open system types of vape work.

Open System Vaping

The design contained in the open system was deliberately created so that users can refill it. On this vape device, there is an empty tank which is useful for filling e liquid. Apart from that, this vape is more flexible because you can change it according to your needs.

The changes or replacements in question, in terms of components. If you are a vape user and want free use, at an affordable price.

So choosing a vape device with an open system is the right choice.

Another advantage that you can get is that the taste variations are more diverse and replaceable. The variety of e-liquids available is very diverse, so if you feel bored or haven’t found the right e liquid, you can replace it. The price offered is also more affordable compared to closed system type vapes.

However, of course there are risks if you use an open system vape, namely filling the liquid manually.

Filling liquid manually by the user is quite risky. This is because the ingredients in liquid products do not necessarily meet standards. For example, when a user mixes two or more liquids at once, there can be risks.

Closed System Vape

Meanwhile, on closed system vape devices you cannot refill them. So it doesn’t just match the user’s wishes.

This makes close system vape users safer.

Close system type devices are no less practical than open systems in terms of their use. Because for those of you who use closed system vapes, you don’t have to bother changing coils or filling liquid. This device is suitable for those of you who like simple things. So you don’t want to bother using a vape. You can find vapes with a closed system or an open system using pods. Pods are small vaporizers, with not much power, and are known to be less difficult to maintain.

Nowadays it is not difficult to find pods, because there are various types and brands of pods available on the market.

The difference between Closed System and Open System Pod

Open System Pod

An open system pod is a pod whose cartridge or coil can be filled with liquid nic salt or other free base. So you can fill the cartridge or coil with liquid as desired.

In short, the AIO type open system Pod can use various types of liquid, but you have to adjust the coil according to the character of the liquid used. For example, if you are using liquid freebase, you can use a 2.4 coil.

Meanwhile, if you use liquid salt nic, you can use coil 0.8, and so on.

You can adjust the cartridge and liquid according to your wishes, and as a user you can also choose the coil resistance according to the liquid used. For example, if the coil has a resistance of 0.1 to 0.4, it is suitable for liquid freebase.
Coils that have a resistance above 0.6 to 1.2 are suitable for using nicotine salt liquid, and are liquid pods friendly. You can easily find this pod, like Hotcig Kubi Plus, Kuy Pod, Eazy Pod, Uwell Caliburn, Vladdin, and so on.


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Closed System Pod

Switching to the pod close system, this pod is a device whose cartridge has been filled with liquid from the manufacturer. So you can’t fill liquid outside the factory.

Pod close system only produces liquid, cartridges and coils by their respective brand owners. In addition, the flavor variations that come from the factory in the pod close system have nicotine of 25 mg, 30 mg, 35 mg, and 50 mg.

However, if you want a liquid that has a creamy taste or something else, if the brand owner doesn’t produce that variant, then you can’t get it. Apart from that, the cartridge and coil are one with the liquid, so you can’t replace the liquid according to your taste.

Not only that, you also can’t choose the coil resistance.

You can find pod close systems on the market, such as OFA, RELX, SNOWPLUS, JUUL, NCIG, etc.

Using a closed system or open system depends on the tastes and desires of the users. Whatever type of vape, you can choose the best premium liquid with high quality, one of which comes from Indonesia Dream Juice.

As one of the best liquid manufacturers, we have various flavors to suit your taste. Of course, with quite affordable prices, you can already experience the various taste sensations that we offer.


You already know the difference between close system and open system vape, now is the time to choose the best liquid with high quality.

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